As The Guild winds down its fifth season, Felicia Day fans may be settling in for a long winter, feeling like they have to wait another year before the Internet’s sexiest nerd will return for more Guild action, knowing they will have to re-watch Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog, Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?, all five seasons of The Guild, and select episodes of this past season’s Eureka over and over until new material featuring Day reaches their clutches.  Nay, good sirs, nay.  Don’t you know Felicia Day is the hardest working…anything…ever?

Dragon Age: Redemption Arrives October 11

Machinima released the Dragon Age: Redemption trailer this week:

Based on a popular video game, this has everything to be successful for the geeky: fantasy with high production values and copious amounts of Day.

And the tremendous news for Felicia Day fans is that the new series arrives just as The Guild ends.  The October 11 premiere is during the same week of The Guild’s fifth season finale. Of course, it’s only six episodes, so this will only tide you over until late November.  That’s when Day fans will have to retreat to the dark and keep mumbling something about, “My precioussss” until something new hits.

Season 5 of The Guild Acknowledges the Fans with Comic-Con Setting

We’ve discussed The Guild quite a bit on this site before, how creator Day and her fellow cast and crew do great work in keeping their fans active participants in the show.  They are Comic-Con regulars, and this season they gave fans another gift: its setting.  This season has entirely been set at Comic-Con, drawing great material from the weird and the frustrating aspects of the convention.  It has been a season loaded with guest stars such as Nathan Fillion, Kevin Sorbo, and Buck Rogers‘ Erin Grey.

This season, Day’s character Codex decides she’s in love with the long-pining Zaboo (Sandeep Parikh), only to find out he’s moved on and is oblivious, and has begun a seat-saving cartel at the convention, a job that requires around-the-clock duty and no sleep.  As a nice touch, people dressed up as Master Chief from Halo do his dirty work.  There’s also fun jabs at the “Steam Punk” community.  And my favorite gag: when Tinkerballa (Amy Okuda) remarks, “Everyone keeps mistaking me for the Asian girl…in everything.”  It was a great creative choice to set this show at the Con.

Don’t worry, Day fans, I’m sure she’ll pop up in a million other things before The Guild returns next year.