There’s a chance no one has ever seen Felicia Day as the cleavage-bearing, butt-kicking, flame-haired elf damsel that she was born to play in Dragon Age: Redemption, outside of several recurring dreams of millions of fanboys out there.  Day may be all too painfully aware of her presence in the nerd world, because as executive producer and writer on a show geared towards fantasy role-players, Day lets it all hang out as the dream goddess assassin Tallis, and it’s exactly what Geek Nation has been drooling about since the web series icon came into consciousness.

Plot Synopsis of Dragon Age: Redemption

Dragon Age: Redemption is about a world controlled by a religious group known as The Chantry.  However, another group of bullies known as Qunari, “Grey Giants,” convert humans, dwarfs, and elves to follow their rule, the “Qun.”  Therefore, The Chantry and Qunari are at war, and they use mages (those who know magic) against each other.  The Qunari want a mage that is being held by The Chantry, and they send a once-disgraced Tallis out to find him.  This is where we see Day move like a red-maned lynx and she uproariously finishes episode 1 with a “sweet chick from The Guild can’t be found here” moment.

The first episode of Dragon Age: Redemption is here:

Machinima has definitely upped the ante for science fiction and fantasy with this and RCVR.  These series have great production value to them, and we are no longer in an era where a web series looks in any way inferior to television.

Actually, Machinima probably can thank Day for that.  She’s been the cheerleader for web series, and it didn’t hurt that she has sex appeal and nerd cred all rolled up into one.  Now we’re seeing the type of dynamic programming that I believe will be the official crossover of multi-platform entertainment into the mainstream.  Web series still have a long way to go, but they are a lot closer than they used to be.