This week on the Reel Web, we’ll show you a new feature that Google launched which allows you to download all of your original source video files that were uploaded to your YouTube channel.  Additionally we cover a few new linking options for YouTube annotations, how to get subtitles and closed captions of your videos translated into other languages, and streaming video coverage of the presidential debates.

Download Your Entire YouTube Channel with Google Takeout

YouTube already gives you the ability to download transcoded MP4s of your individual videos.  However, you now can also download all the actual original video files that you uploaded to your YouTube channel.  There currently is no way to download individual videos, but you can download your entire channel at once using Google Takeout.

If you’re looking to download YouTube videos that are not your own, read this post – Download YouTube Videos – How, Where and When Is It Okay?

Captioning Your Video into Other Languages

As you are aware it is important to transcribe your videos and upload it to YouTube in order to give them the actual words and information provided in the video to help accurately index your video.  YouTube is now offering a way for you to collaborate with other individuals to provide that transcript in other languages.  Once you have uploaded the original transcript you can use the feature that allows you to invite or collaborate with you to provide the additional transcriptions.  There does not currently appear to be a community set up where you can request collaborators, but hopefully that is something we will see soon.

Presidential Debates Streaming Live on YouTube

For those of you who prefer to use mobile and online platforms, YouTube will be streaming the presidential debates live.  There is an option that allows you to add the dates and times to your Google calendar.  In addition there will be other sources including Larry King Live, Philip DeFranco and New York Times, just to mention a few that will also be providing their thoughts streaming via YouTube.  Watching online allows you to interact with the Twitter feeds and comments of other viewers, which is something that is not available when watching it on TV.

New GooTube+ Annotation Links

There are two new things you can do with annotations.  First, you can link to a place where people can register to vote.  The box for that option can be found in the normal annotation menu.

Second, you can link to your Google+ profile.  This can help encourage viewers to link with you on Google+.  There is also way you can link to your company page instead of your personal profile.  Visit the tutorial to see how you can utilize your annotations this way.

View The Full Video Transcript

On this week’s look at The Reel Web, there’s a bunch of new things you can do with annotations, you could also download all your original video files
you’ve ever uploaded, and a couple of other things with transcriptions and other languages. All that and much more coming up this week on The Reel Web.

Hey, guys! My name is Tim Schmoyer, and welcome to another week of The Reel Web, where every week we just highlight for you guys some of the online video
news from the week before. And this week, we’re going to do a really quick rundown overview of the news because you ever have one of those days where
you’re just crazy busy? And this whole week is going to be crazy, so I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging, though. So really quickly for you.

The first thing is that you can now download every single video in one big chunk, the original videos that you uploaded to YouTube. Right now, there is the
ability to download the mp4s that YouTube kind of like re-transcribes and recreates for mobile versions and other things like that. But now you can
download the actual original files that you uploaded to YouTube in the first place. You cannot yet download individual videos. You have to download your
whole entire channel at once, but at least the option’s there. And I’m sure it’ll be growing and giving you more features and stuff to do individual videos
and stuff as time goes on. So if you need to keep an archive of all of your original video content and you don’t want to buy an external hard drive, just
dump it on that or something, now you can maybe store them on YouTube service if you like. More about that in the links below. Go check out exactly the
process of how to do that if that’s something you’re interested.

We’ve talked in the past about how important it is for you to transcribe your videos and give YouTube a file that gives exactly the words and the
information that’s in that video so they can index it well for you, and we’ve even talked about how important it is to do that in other languages. Well,
what if you want it in other languages, but you don’t know other languages to transcribe it into? YouTube now has a new feature where you can
collaboratively or even invite other people to transcribe your content for you. It includes that you first of all have to make your own transcription file.
Upload that, and then you can invite other people to join that on your video and change it into other languages. Or you could do it yourself, too. It gives
you a nice little referral video right there you can watch as you’re doing it, so you can see exactly where you are. Now all you have to do is go out there
and get yourself some friends who speak other languages and have them transcribe these videos for you. I don’t think that there’s a community way that you
can send it out to anyone and hope that someone picks it up. But that would be really cool if there was. And if that is how it works, then definitely
comment below and let me know because I wasn’t quite able to figure that out myself.

If you’re anything like me, you hardly ever turn on your television to actually watch TV, then you might want to know, like I was very happy to know, that
all the presidential debates will be live streamed on YouTube. And links to all those you can add to your Google calendar. Those are all below. Go check
that out. The cool thing about this is there’s also other people who will be live streaming their thoughts before, during, and after the presidential
debates, including Larry King Live, Philip DeFranco, New York Times, other people. I watched the presidential candidates give their acceptance speeches on
YouTube. I found that to be really engaging and really enjoyed watching it in that format with all the Twitter feed and comments and everything happening
around there, rather than just watching it on the TV. So, check it out below if you’d like to do that, too.

Two new things that you can do with your annotations. One you can now link to a place where people can register to vote. So if you really want to encourage
your viewers to go vote and register to do that, you can annotate to a link that will send them directly to that. You’ll find that box there in your normal
annotation link menu. And the second thing you can do is link to your Google+ profile as well if you want to encourage people to go connect with you
there, which I recommend you doing. Also you can use that to link to your page, like if you have a company page on Google+ as opposed to like a
personal profile. You can do it, but it’s a little tricky. There’s a hack to it. It’s not really working quite right right now. So the links to how to do
that, a great tutorial from Ronnie Bincer, a good friend of ours here Reel SEO, it give you a great video tutorial about how to do that. So rather than me
reiterating everything he just said, go check out that video down below, and he will show you exactly the step by step process of how you can link to your
Google+ profile or page.

For out Creators Tip video on Thursday, we’re going to talk with Jason Ergo, founder of the Social Blade Partner Network here on YouTube. And actually,
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another look at The Reel Web. Thanks for hanging out. Bye!