Doubleclick adds a couple new tools to its lineup of services for publishers. Those two things include video ads and mobile ads. The two products were unveiled at PaidContent Advertising last week and details are slowly seeping out from everywhere.

DoubleClick Video Ads & Mobile Ads

Of course, to get the real info, we go straight to the Google blog talking about the new services.

Video and mobile in DoubleClick for Publishers
Given the changes in the media landscape, it’s not surprising that we’ve seen incredible growth for both mobile and video ad formats over the past year: the number of video ads on the Google Display Network has increased 350 percent in the past 12 months, while AdMob, our mobile network, has grown by more than 200 percent. 

Before now, it’s been difficult for publishers to manage all their video and mobile ad space from a single ad server—the platform publishers use to schedule, measure and run the ads they’ve sold on their sites. To solve this challenge, we’re rolling out new tools in our latest version of DoubleClick for Publishers that enable publishers to better manage video and mobile inventory. Publishers will be able to manage all of the ads they’re running—across all of their webpages, videos and mobile devices—from a single dashboard, and see which formats and channels are performing best for them.

A handful of publishers have already begun using the video feature and it appears to be performing well for them: we’ve seen 55 percent month-over-month growth in video ad volume in the last quarter. In other words, publishers are now able not only to produce more video content, but to make more money from it as well.

Now of course video is the major point of interest here at ReelSEO and this is definitely a major piece of news. But it’s not the only news.

The New DoubleClick Ad Exchange

They also announced a few updates to the DoubleClick Ad Exchange, which will offer some new services to better monetize their traffic.

…we’re introducing Direct Deals on the Doubleclick Ad Exchange, which gives publishers the ability to make these “first look” offers. For example, using Direct Deals, a news publisher could set aside all of the ad space on their sports page and offer it first to a select group of buyers at a specific price, and then if those buyers pass on the offer, automatically place that inventory into the Ad Exchange’s auction…

So not only are they expanding to offer video and mobile through one interface, effectively combining most of their ad networks into one place, they are also giving publishers a better way to make more money on that content. That’s something I am personally interested in these days as I try to make the most out of the content at GDN and I am tired of having 10 ad networks to do it. If I can get comparable or better rates and have a single place to login and manage it all, then I am 100% on board with that.