As content creators, we try to push videos out about once a week.  And those who are savvy about their audience are usually going to score week after week.  But we live in this fickle world where the people tell you through comments, likes, and dislikes, whether or not the free entertainment you provided was worth their time.  And then there’s that one week you release a video that just doesn’t connect–those are the pitfalls of creativity.  The time between that video and the next one will seem like an eternity.  Is it the end of the world?

Fear of the Bad Video That Ends Your Momentum

First off, just like consistent great content that keeps your viewers coming in for more and your subscriber count rising, it will take consistent bad content to get them to go away.  Look at a channel like Smosh, which is the current reigning king in subscribers.  I can go through their entire library and find videos where the like-dislike ratio is very low.  Like this one:

Or this one from Epic Meal Time:

You’ll notice that, even though that like-dislike ratio is low, most people do say they like it (although I’ve argued before that you have fans who will like anything no matter what and it skews the numbers).  The real point is, even though you have a large mass of people who hate a video, it’s not likely to grind your channel to a total halt and now, all of the sudden, everyone hates you.

Like, I thought Freddie Wong just came out with videos that everyone liked.  Tremendous engagement scores across the board.  But he did this one:

He definitely shrugged that off.  And whenever you’re feeling down, realize that intellectual channel Vsauce once did this abomination:

The point is, your fans will generally accept some bad here and there.  Viewers who unsubscribe to your channel after one measly video…well, you don’t want those people anyway.  I mean, those are people who apparently demand perfection on everything and have no tolerance for it being any less.  What good is their endorsement?  It’s nearly impossible to be all things to all people every week, and there are quite a few people on this Earth who don’t understand that.

So, no…one bad video isn’t the end of the world.  It should inspire you to do better next time, perhaps to go back to the comfort zone to assure your fans, “I’m still going to make the content you like even if I have to experiment once in awhile.”

It’s almost like what you encounter with kids–do something funny and they want you to do that same thing over and over for hours and hours.  Try anything new, and they want you to go back to the old thing.  But eventually you’ll make a new funny face or hilarious character, and they’ll want to see that instead.

So maybe you tried something, it didn’t work.  Move on.  Learn from it.  But never stop experimenting.