If you find a Dodge Journey SUV sitting out in the middle of the wilderness, there’s a chance it could be yours. The auto maker is taking a page from the web series We Lost Our Gold by hiding a treasure for video viewers to hunt down. Instead of a chest of gold, however, they’re using the new 2011 Dodge Journey… three of them, in fact.

Online video will play a huge role in the contest, including the delivery of clues to the whereabouts of the prize vehicles. They’ve also created a video explaining how the contest works and how you can participate:

The campaign even has a search engine tie-in… sort of–it appears Dodge has nicknamed the Journey “the first search engine for the real world.”

The Dodge YouTube Channel will serve as a hub for information regarding the promotion.

One has to wonder if they’ve made the contest hard enough, since the first Journey–the “West Coast Journey”–has already been found. You can decide the contest’s difficulty level for yourself by heading to the Dodge YouTube channel, where they’ve arranged all five clues that Bruce & Matthew used to find the Journey:

Dodge says the clue for the Midwest hidden Journey will be released September 16, with the clue for the third and final Journey (presumably the East Coast Journey) coming September 24.

If you want to participate, you can head over to the Dodge YouTube page and subscribe to help make sure you know the minute the next clue is released (it probably also wouldn’t hurt to be in the Midwest, or headed that direction, since you have to actually be present in the car’s location in order to win it).