Disney theme parks and video are a match made in heaven. There must be thousands of reels of film hidden away in many an attic from trips made decades ago to Anaheim or Lake Buena Vista. And you only have to type the magic words “Disney World” or “Disneyland” into YouTube to see literally millions of videos created on every kind of digital video recorder from the cine camera right up to the present day iPhone 5s. Now, with the launch of their official Vine account, Disney are tapping into that tradition and encouraging visitors to create 6 second mini films that capture their excitement and unique take on their own experience of Disney.

The “Vine Your Disney Side” contest wants you to upload your Vines along with the hashtag #DisneySideContest and enter a daily contest to win $1000 for your efforts. Daily winners will be showcased on the official Disney Vine account, beginning October 7th, and the overall winner will bag a vacation to the Disney resort of their choosing plus a $10,000 commission to create a series of Disney Side videos. You can find out more information about the content on the official Disney Side Contest site.