At the 2014 Reel Video Summit, Jim Louderback seemed to be in more places at once than The Scarlet Pimpernel. He moderated Thursday’s Video Advertising Fireside Chat with Jim Louderback. He moderated Friday’s Lunch Keynote: Reel & CinemaSins. And he also moderated the YouTube Strategies for Brands panel.

Now, I’ve known Louderback for more than 20 years. So, even though he is now the General Manager of Discovery Digital Networks, the web-native video arm of Discovery Communications, I figured that I could conduct a hard-hitting, in-depth video interview of that damned, elusive Louderback. Well, here’s what I got.

So, despite my best attempt at ambush journalism, Louderback would neither confirm nor deny that Snuffy the Seal was dead. So, what else can I tell you about that damned, elusive Pimpernel? Louderback guides the strategy and operations across a portfolio of more than 110 original digital shows spanning popular online networks. In this role, he has managed the successful launch of two new digital networks, TestTube and Animalist, and has led the acquisition of DeFranco Creative. Under his leadership, Discovery Digital Networks’ streams have increased 400% and new franchises, including DNews, have flourished.


Previously as CEO of Revision3, Louderback led the company through its acquisition by and integration with Discovery in 2012. Joining Revision3 in 2007, he guided the company to a 20x increase in viewers, adding 39 new distribution partners and winning numerous awards, including several Webby and Streamy Awards.

Prior to joining Revision3, Louderback spent 16 years at Ziff-Davis in increasingly senior media and technology management roles. That’s where we worked together. During his tenure as Senior Vice President and Chief Content Officer for Ziff-Davis Media’s Consumer group, he led content strategy and execution, transforming the company from a print publisher to an online-focused media company and serving as Editor in Chief of PC Magazine. Before that, he was a senior member of the launch team at cable network ZDTV, guiding its transformation to TechTV.

So, enough about Jim. Let’s talk about the Discovery Digital Networks.

Discovery Digital Networks Celebrates First Anniversary

As thousands of web personalities and their legions of fans descend upon Anaheim for the fifth annual VidCon back in June, Discovery Digital Networks announced that it had 11 shows with more than 100 million lifetime streams each, led by The Philip DeFranco Show with 1.2 billion views. Discovery Digital Networks was formed in May 2013, with the launch of the TestTube network and acquisition of DeFranco Creative – joining Revision3 as part of the Discovery family.

As a leading media source for today’s online audiences, Discovery Digital Networks (DDN) is home to Animalist, TestTube, Revision3, SourceFed and the DeFranco Network. With more than 110 shows anchored by the web’s leading personalities, Discovery Digital Networks covers topics ranging from animals and science to current events and technology.

Digital Discovery Original Programming

Emphasizing original programming, which comprises nearly two-thirds of DDN’s monthly views, Discovery has launched two new digital networks in the past year, TestTube and Animalist, and is the home to breakout hits like TestTube’s DNews – the go-to destination for daily hits of smart science news that generated more than 26 million monthly views in March 2014 alone.

At the time, Louderback said, “Discovery Digital Networks delivers an incredibly strong mix of insightful and engaging programming for today’s 18-34-year-old audience.” He added, “Our amazing lineup of authentic hosts create daily shows that resonate not only with our online viewers but also with advertisers, who know Discovery is the best place to align their brands with the most passionate communities of like-minded viewers on the planet.”

The full list of Discovery Digital Networks shows that have reached more than 100 million lifetime streams each includes:

  • The Philip DeFranco Show,
  • SourceFed,
  • TechnoBuffalo,
  • Soldier Knows Best,
  • Petsami,
  • Android Authority,
  • DNews,
  • Philly D,
  • Aatma Studios,
  • Ty’s iHelp,
  • SourceFed Nerd.

That’s it. That’s all I got. I tried to discover whether or not Snuffy the Seal was dead. Instead, Louderback handed me my balls.