Annotations can make videos more interactive, as we’ve discussed before.  But sometimes creators go a little overboard.  Sometimes there’s so much on screen you can’t see certain parts of the video, and that can be really annoying.  Luckily, there are ways to get rid of them if you so choose, although it’s best to take them on a case-by-case basis rather than banning them all completely.  But of course, there are probably people out there where banning them all completely makes total sense.  We’re here to help.  There are 3 good ways to disable annotations below.

Three Legit Ways to Make Annotations Vanish

So how do we do this?  There are very simple ways to remove annotations.

1. X marks the spot.  Hover your mouse over the annotation, and an “x” should appear, by which you can now close out that particular annotation forever.

turn-off-annotations2. Icon on YouTube player.  There’s an icon on the player itself that “hides annotations.”  It’s the white box with a little tail on it.  This will hide all annotations on the video, so it means you might miss something that you’d actually like to see.

3. YouTube account settings.  Under “Playback,” you can actually make it so that annotations NEVER show up on any video by simply un-checking the “Show annotations on videos” box.  Now that’s not cool.  You want to be cool, right?  Well, I guess this option is good for some people.

Remember, the annotations are there, for the most part, to let you know of other goodness.  So they aren’t all bad, although some creators take them to the extreme.

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On this week’s Creator’s Tip, I’m going to show you guys how to turn annotations on and off on other people’s videos, that’s coming up.

Hey guys, my name is Tim Schmoyer and welcome to another week of Creator’s Tip where we here at Reel SEO just do our best to help you guys make online
content and know how to make it perform the best on the web. For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been talking a lot about annotations here on YouTube, how
to use them to engage your audience and even do things that maybe you haven’t considered before. Mostly, to be honest, in prep for our new annotations
course that’s coming up in a couple weeks here, if you want to know more about that and have access before anyone else, there is a link in the description
below, go check that out.

But let’s talk about annotations again today. This time, what happens if you run into someone’s video and they’ve got annotations just cluttered all over
the place or maybe they mean well but they have an annotation because of your screen resolution or whatever, it just happens to be covering something that
you want to see in the video or just doesn’t look quite right? Well, there’s two easy ways to turn them off and one is just to cover your mouth — your
mouth? Your mouse over any of the annotations that you see right here and you’ll see a little black X appear in the corner of that annotation, just click
it and boom, the annotation is gone. I’ll give you a moment to try that right now. Just pick any of these and try it. See? And they’re gone. Or at least
that one is that you clicked on. You could remove all of them if you really wanted to.

But what if you really do want to get rid of all the annotations but you don’t want to click on every single one of them? Well there’s a little thing that
looks like a comment icon in the YouTube player below, if you click on that, all annotations for the entire video are instantly turned off. Personally, I
try to use that one sparingly because I never know when there’s going to be something interactive about the video that I’ll miss because I’ll have it
turned off so I usually just default to hovering and clicking the X next to the annotation I want to remove. But if you’re just really anti-annotations for
a particular video, you could always just use that little button below and disable them all.

And I lied, there’s actually a third way you can do this as well, I remembered as I was recording this. If you just really, really, really hate annotations
and you never, ever, ever want to see them, you can go to your YouTube account settings and in the left hand column, you’ll see an option there called
playback. If you click on it, you’ll have the ability to forever and always turn off all annotations for all videos that you watch while logged in
underneath that account.

But don’t be hating, keep it on. I use annotations a lot, hopefully to make these videos more engaging, interactive and helpful for you and you might miss
a lot of that if you’re watching Reel SEO videos and you have that little thing disabled.

I’d love to hear from you guys in the comments below about if you think annotations are actually really annoying or if you think that they’re actually kind
of useful or if you just wish YouTube would get rid of them of if you think that maybe they should expand and keep developing annotations because they
haven’t really been touched by YouTube much recently except for they just removed the pause annotation, which is really annoying. If this is your first
time hanging out with us, we’d love to have you subscribe. Every week, we release content just to help you guys for making online videos, know how to make
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