DirecTV is set to release the DirecTV Nomad “soon”, a device that will allow subscribers to push their DVR’d content out to their mobile devices. The Nomad will cost around $150 and not have a subscription fee which is not such a bad deal if you think about it since you’ll be able to watch just about anything you record on your portable tech.

About DirecTV Nomad

The devices you can move your content to are not dictated by DirecTV; laptops, mobile phones, tablets and iPads are all OK. The content however has a small restriction. It can’t be DVR’d from DirecTV Cinema, VOD or pay-per-view. It sure sounds like a good deal to me, if you’re a DirecTV user.

The DirecTV Nomad is one of three products including an HD user interface and a Home Media Center service which must be part of their entire package of services that will eventually be the TV Everywhere offering which might even include Live TV, though no definitive word has yet been released on that account.

Rights Issues For DirecTV Nomad?

The major problem, as always, is rights negotiations on the content. Remember that Time Warner has an iPad app that got clipped left and right because of a dispute between the rights of the cable provider versus the rights of the broadcaster and content owners. That was an app that pretty much just let you watch the content on the iPad when you were on your home Time Warner network, and even that had problems. I can only imagine the hoops that DirecTV is trying to navigate.

Then again, they did manage to get the NFL live on mobile phones… if they managed that, perhaps they can somehow pull this off as well. Might even be enough to make me switch my TV service over to them in the end if Time Warner can’t manage to pare down it’s bloated channel packages and equally bloated prices without offering me the ability to see the content I want to when I’m not at home or allow me to load it on to some of my other devices.