You know your computer technology-focused industry is uber-popular when it makes the frames of Dilbert. And so, we now have proof that viral is the way to go. Right Dogbert?

In the strip published yesterday, Dilbert is asked to approve a viral video marketing project.

I have long admired Scott Adams cynical view of the corporate world and his insanely accurate depiction of some scenes that I, when I was a corporate slave to the grind and did IT professionally for 10 years in the US, experienced. I won’t insult the collective intelligence of the ReelSEO reading crowd, I know you’re all extremely intelligent (except for our resident troll) and are able to appreciate the truly remarkable humor that Mr. Adams fills his work with. So without further ado (I’ll talk to you 8 frames from now.

Clearly his commentary on the current corporate environment is fairly spot on is it not? It shows not only the massive amounts of miscommunication in the workplace, but also shows that not quite everyone gets exactly what viral video is… or do they? If Wally thought it was funny, wasn’t that exactly what they wanted for the video to go viral? Is he not, sometimes, the exact demographic we hope to strike with a video?

I wonder, can comics go viral?