Digg, remember them? OK, that’s a little unfair but the once king of the social platform has fallen way back behind its competitors in terms of relevancy after its ill judged redesign in 2010. But they are hoping to win back more traffic as they launch a brand new section on the site that focuses exclusively on video curation. Digg Video, will aggregate video content from Facebook and Twitter and other sites along with the most popular clips on Digg itself. The videos will be manually curated by site editors, which means it’ll be less easy to game the section into pushing a video to the top.

Digg confirm that their ‘video’ tag has attracted more traffic than any other on the site:

Over the past year or so we’ve noticed something: people like watching videos. People really, really like watching videos. In fact, since we relaunched Digg two summers ago, our Video tag has consistently garnered more traffic than any other. Apparently the world is even more bored at work than we knew.

The new section has a minimal look, just like the rest of the site, and Digg say they plan to add the new feature to their Android and iOS apps very soon.

digg video curation