As if everyday life on the streets of New York wasn’t challenging enough, those citizens with enough maternal or paternal instincts to tend to a seemingly abandoned baby in a stroller (except the dude at 1:03 who is all like wtf?), were repaid with a heart-stopping glimpse of a head-spinning, vomit-spouting possessed baby. The prank is the latest from Thinkmodo, the team behind Carrie, Coffee Shop Surprise, and Beauty Shop Scare, and they unleashed their latest venture on an unsuspecting public as part of a viral marketing campaign for the new movie, ‘Devil’s Due’, out this week.

With 22,612,701 views since January 14th (at time of writing), it’s the first big prankvertising hit of the year. If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look:

Although the label may be new, the concept of prankvertising, where unsuspecting members of the public fall victim to a trick or prank used to promote a brand or an event, isn’t. Despite the ubiquity of the term, very few brands actually managed to pull off a successful prankvertising campaign last year. The public tire very quickly if they suspect they are being “forced” into liking or sharing something that isn’t authentic. Being authentic (and clever, and witty, and empathetic) is, of course, the Holy Grail of advertising.

Prankvertising, we suspect, is far from over but brands and agencies will need to step right up to the plate if they want to continue to attract the audience’s attention and respect in the way ‘Devil Baby’ seems to have done.