Digital Broadcasting Group have teamed up with Dentyne Gum on a new web series called The Single Life. The tongue-in-cheek-wrapped-in-chewing-gum web series is being positioned as a navigation guide to the world of online dating. Of course, it’s clearly not serious since the first episode goes on to tell viewers that it’s OK to tell white lies.

What the message is, from Dentyne, is that their gum will save your breath and maybe your dating career, provided you apply it properly. The gum, that is, not the advice in the web series it seems.

I like the fact that Dentyne is jumping into original branded online video content in this fashion. I also like that they’re being sort of hype about it. The whole ‘Have Safe Breath’ campaign is a play on the safe sex ads… “We don’t want you to stop having breath, just have safe breath,” makes me chuckle.

That’s just a series of ads they’re running though.

Episode 1 of Dentyne’s The Single Life

Here’s the best line in the first episode and you can see just how hype the folks at Dentyne really are.

“LisaLovesMen, that’s a good username…”

“Does it make me sound like a whore?”

“Yeah but that’s alright…”

On top of that the host, Jimmy is from the future…of their relationship. On top of that there are sort of pop-up video titles on the video with things like “Warning, your friends are idiots.”

The four minute video is well done and the Dentyne brand shows from time to time in the video, but they’re not bludgeoning you over the head with it. They do a quick, simple outro with some Dentyne info.

The Results Of Dentyne’s Fresh Breath Campaign?

It sure seems like they’re definitely connecting with some younger audiences who are most likely both more concerned about exactly how their breath smells, and buy the majority of chewing gum. I don’t personally know, I’m not a market researcher for chewing gum, it’s just the feeling that I get.

Their Facebook page is awash with praise and all manner of slang and short-type (because we’re lazy and like to write lol and RomCom) and over 400,000 people who like the page itself.

That’s hella good, yo!

Alright, a bit more seriously here for a few minutes. Dentyne has shown that even a product which average consumers barely think about, except when standing in line looking at all the options on display for impulse buys, can totally rock online branded video and get some mad results.

I popped over to the Single Life on YouTube and it’s got a sad little 842 views. According to the stats tracking on YouTube it was uploaded on the 17th, embedded on and that same day.

Alright, so they haven’t gotten massive hits, though I’m curious if those YouTube stats are including views on the embeds. But they certainly did the video right. Now they just have to work on getting it to spread and I think they could be seeing double digit-thousands of views on these bad boys soon. After all, they’ve got over 400,000 people to pull from on Facebook alone.

Here’s the video: 

I have to say, I’m tempted to go check out some Dentyne…but since I work at home, I generally could care less about what my breath smells like.