In the latest move to ensure Google + takes a more central stage for users, Google have introduced a new feature that allows YouTube Channel owners to delegate certain responsibilities to another person – via their Google + account. Brands and other creators can appoint a Communications Manager to take ownership of moderating comments (limited to Google + for now but coming to YouTube) and posting and replying to followers without giving them full access to the YouTube channel in question.

Communications Manager youtube

The owner of the Google +/YouTube channel can assign up to 50 Communication Managers which means more resources for the owner but less risk of compromise due of password sharing.

google + communications manager

Anyone assigned the role of ‘Communications Manager’ won’t have access to the Video Manager or YouTube Analytics or be able to upload content. However, it does give owners a new level of management structure which will be very useful for agencies or other departments to take a more active role where they can. It may also come in handy for working with collaborators on YouTube without giving them the ability to manage your videos or access your details.

Google + page owners can start assigning this role now by visiting the “Managers” tab of their Dashboard.