DBG announced they have a new premium video content offering and so I sat down with Matthew Corbin. Matthew was the driving force behind DBG’s recently-launched Content Library Platform (CLiP), an innovative take on content syndication and publisher partnerships. The new offering is part of DBG’s plans to be the digital network of the future (their words, not mine).

If you’re not familiar with DBG (Digital Broadcasting Group) they curate, produce, distribute premium online video content. That includes sports too as they just recently announced the acquisition of Digital Sports Ventures (DSV) meaning one less three-letter acronym in the world but a major expansion of what DBG could offer in that vertical.

No Cutting Room Floor CLiPs

Anyway, Matthew told me that CLiP has been building for a year and was just done with beta in August (2011). At its core, it’s a syndicated player with premium video content aligned to verticals for easier syndication.

The current verticals include:

  • Entertainment
  • Business and Technology
  • Women’s Lifestyle
  • Men’s Lifestyle
  • Travel

Of course, they should expand to sports shortly with a new acquisition, and they have around a handful of others about ready to roll out in the next half year or so. What they are aimed at doing is giving publishers a video experience that they didn’t have before allowing them to increase the video content they have on offer for their readers, create more revenue generation and make their sites stickier in terms of time on page. According to Matthew, the hardest thing to do with content is distribute it, so they are utilizing the power of syndication and distribution with this new platform.

Benefit to Publishers

Publishers can get a premium video opportunity where they have curated content for their specific niche. They can stock up the inventory with the player and DBG CLiP does all the ad selling and placement. It can all tie into a single OVP or an existing website’s platform.

Another benefit is the fairly seamless integration into the publisher’s site. So that you get a lot of new content without a lot of hassle.

Also, since some publishers might not have ad sales teams, on top of the content, they also get a team that is dedicated to selling the ad inventory against that content so they don’t have to take on new staff and have access to a new revenue channel.

Benefit to Advertisers

For advertisers it is taking things back to a more traditional TV level which is more about selling against specific content.  Premium complementary ads and content are able to be specifically targeted with the ads. This has been a trend this year, advertisers wanting to be placed next to complementary content which has been seen to help raise things like brand uplift and awareness. Matthew stated that online video advertising has changed and that a lack of differentiated content is being addressed now.

Where you are being placed is huge now and the content next to your ad is becoming key.

Quick CLiPs

So I asked how a publisher would get involved and start using the new CLiP offering from DBG.

Firstly, it’s about identifying which verticals the publisher would fall into and then how to deliver the content to the publisher’s site. The publisher gets a free video player because the monetization is the opportunity to display the content and set the ads against it which is far more important than charging for the technology itself.

The curation and editing teams are then set into motion to get the content and advertising and a video player on the site tha would then call DBG content and through algorithms and curation. The content is delivered on a highly refreshed basis so it stays relevant to the site and its content as well as to the advertisers that want to be seen next to it. This means that while some ads might be seen multiple times, the content could be ever changing yet still be complementary content for those ads.

Finally, one small benefit to both advertisers and publishers is that DBG has their own studios and green screens and are able to build content which means they can make the content that is in high demand for ad placement either in current verticals or create all new verticals and even custom content channels.

The Final CLiP

There are so many reports nowadays that demonstrate some facet of online video’s effectiveness in a wide range of things as diverse as the perceived legitimacy of the site and its news to intent to purchase certain products. I think the DBG CLiP initiative is in line with what I have been seeing and swear I just heard about some other comparable projects that are doing something quite similar.

As a small publisher myself, I don’t have time to build out tons of interesting video content. It’s not that I don’t want to, I just haven’t got the time or people power. This is definitely something that would be of interest to me, especially with the ad sales team they would bring to bear on monetizing that content for me. Sure, there’s a revenue sharing model in there, but those ad sales people need to get paid and eat, so it makes sense. In the long run, you would still probably make more than employing your own ad sales and content creation teams.