Welcome everyone, to Fun Video Friday.  As always, a great collection of videos can be found here.  We have forces of nature, life hacks, and we a guy who makes everyone’s yo-yo abilities look silly.  We have some clever pranks…we have a video from 2011 that is finally getting the views it deserves.  And if you like reasons why our Earth is awesome, or how certain strange mascots got their names, and a hearing test that will practically pinpoint your age…you’ve come to the right place.

Fun Video Friday for August 16, 2013

Animation students from the Ringling College of Art and Design tapped into their inner Pixar with this short, called “Brain Divided.”  Although, I have one question: isn’t anyone else at the restaurant?  Just kidding, it’s a good short:

Household Hacker has another great 10 food tips that will have your life rocking:

Get a load of this yo-yo:

Megan Amram understands that all women have friends of ethnic diversity who are only concerned abotu yogurt and birth control:

“Whatever” plays a prank that takes some serious nerve: just staring at random people and not giving one response when they ask what’s going on:

Or what about when your brother rearranges your room as if it’s been turned 90 degrees:

A first for Fun Video Friday, as we take a look at a graph…but no ordinary graph.  Note the almost no views this clip got until…all of the sudden…

josh weathers kessler performance

Yes, the following FVF video was uploaded in July of 2011, where it was finally found by…some tastemaker obviously, and made it onto YouTube Trends, and suddenly racked up 300,000 views.  It’s Josh Weathers at the Kessler Theater in Dallas singing “I Will Always Love You,” and it proves that great content will take off when it finds the right person or persons:

CDZA wants people to have their best morning ever, with a song and a massage and other little niceties:

Walk Off the Earth covers Lorde’s “Royals,” by handing off ukuleles at strategic times:

Never before have I heard so much cute foul language…Emily Carter tells us how she really feels:

While we’re calling each other names, College Humor tells us why everyone is an a-hole (obviously with some rough language):

Breaking Bad‘s theme song, played with meth hardware:

Buchan39 found a way to edit together a “Walter White Mashup” of “My Way” in time for this past Sunday’s Breaking Bad premiere:

Tribeca Film has mashed up Matt Damon vehicle Elysium with Matt Damon/Michael Douglas vehicle “Behind the Candelabra:”

You know those “wait, one more” shots at the end of trailers?  Well, someone has made a supercut of some recent ones:

Everybody together now: awwwwwwwwww:

OK, so that awwwwwww wasn’t good enough.  You clearly need to have your best one for this:

Here’s a skateboarding stunt apparently gone wrong that turns out so right, with a cat:

This is a cruel and awesome trick to get your kid to eat vegetables:

Quick and to the point: a crazy 11 man pool dunk that will take up 14 seconds of your day:

BuzzFeed tells us what your introverted friends’ facial expressions mean:

In case you didn’t know, one day SpaceX is going to allow us to live on other planets.  Here’s a test of a rocket they shot on Tuesday:

Lightning strikes a bridge in Kawasaki, Japan:

OK, so maybe you didn’t think that was scary.  How about a bunch of angry wasps after an explosion:

A look at what lives in a single drop of pond water, which is terrifying:

Earth Unplugged gives us 60 facts about why the Earth is awesome, using some well-known science YouTubers:

ASAP Science has a test for your ears with various high frequency sounds, and explains why you can’t hear some of them:

Mental Floss takes a look at 37 college mascots and the origins of their names:

Vsauce has fun with mirrors:

As always, have a terrific Friday.