We’re all pretty familiar with YouTube’s subscription feature that lets viewers easily subscribe to our channels and new content we upload here to YouTube, but what if most of our audience is outside of YouTube? What if YouTube subscribers isn’t really the best option for our video content?

Thankfully, there’s another way viewers can subscribe to our video content on YouTube and that’s by using their built-in RSS feeds. Not only are there RSS feeds for our channel and recent uploads, but the RSS feed is completely customizable.

In fact, thanks to YouTube’s Interactive API Demo, you can make changes right on the fly to your RSS feed and see the results each tweak will make. Furthermore, you can create YouTube vanity search RSS feeds, feeds of your friends’ activity, your subscriptions, feeds with videos optimized for mobile devices, and so much more.

Ideas for Customizing Your YouTube RSS Feed

In this episode of Producer Tip, we discuss some ideas of how you could use these RSS feeds to offer alternative subscription methods and options to your viewers, how to plug them into iOS and Android apps, setup your own email notification list for new subscribers using MailChimp, and more!

QUESTION: How could you best use a YouTube RSS feed?

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