Social is a gigantic part of the online video marketing equation–at least, if you’re doing it right it is. For individual video creators, that can mean a lot of your work time is spent on Facebook instead of making videos. For video marketing consultants or agencies–those with many clients, each of whom needs help marketing their videos–it’s an even bigger time cost. So I wanted to let you know about a cool product I recently tested that can help you shave a ton of time spent on Facebook, but still use the social network for video marketing.

Custom Facebook Fan Pages For Video Marketers

myChaptr is, at its core, a CMS for Facebook fan pages. It’s a custom Facebook fan page app that allows users to create, edit, and manage a fan-page. And custom fan pages are a great way to standout from the millions of other businesses on Facebook–you get the integration and social activity of Facebook but with a personalized look and feel.

There are a number of products out there that are quickly filling this niche by creating easy interfaces for companies to edit a fan page without learning Facebook’s markup language. But one thing makes myChaptr different from the rest: an emphasis on video!

Most of the do-it-yourself Facebook fan page services I’ve tried are fairly straightforward and simple: a picture or two, some text, and a logo, all squeezed into a template you choose from a gallery. And myChaptr is pretty simple to use too, but they’ve taken extra care to consider the video marketing professional by including a set of templates specifically designed to highlight video.

Here’s an example of what one looks like:

There are only a handful of video templates available at this point, but those will expand soon–as will all the non-video template options as well.

Here’s myChaptr founder and CEO, Ricky Voltz, on the company’s mission:

Custom Facebook pages from myChaptr are an easy and fast way to get your content on Facebook. With ready-made template designs, it’s easy for a business owner or marketer to quickly get great looking pages on Facebook in minutes. For web developers, we’ve made it very simple to drop in custom design for clients wanting custom Facebook pages.

A Tool With Real Power For Video Marketers

To me this is a pretty big deal. Remember when everyone made a big fuss about Twitter changing their layout to allow you to pin a video (or other piece of content) at the top of your profile page? This is just like that, only for Facebook.

Sure, most of you post your videos to Facebook in one way or another. But Facebook is an odd animal, and some users might miss great content just because they weren’t paying attention on the day you posted it. Also, video creators might wish to take their best piece of work, and stick it semi-permanently to their Facebook page to act as a bit of a calling card to potential new clients or partners. In the standard Facebook wall system… this just isn’t possible.

You’ll also get a custom URL for your myChaptr Facebook fan page that you can share throughout your promotional materials. Says Voltz:

Custom Facebook pages built with myChaptr also have their own dedicated URL that can be posted, tweeted, and emailed – leading people directly to your page and into your marketing funnel.

Here’s a YouTube video of Dan at giving myChaptr a try:

Social and video are already intertwined, and there are no signs of that changing anytime soon. myChaptr would seem to offer an easy way to help connect them even more for your business or your clients. The service is already live and open to anyone, whether you’re an individual video creator, a consultant who works with multiple creators, or a full-service agency. If you currently use the service, or try it out after today, please let us know what you think in the comments below.