Poptent, a crowdsourced video production company catering to brands and ad agencies, is growing. They’re also expanding into new regions, with a brand new office in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The new office is designed to serve the company’s growing international customer base, and represents the rapid adoption of crowdsourced video production by Fortune 500 companies and corporations around the globe.

Crowdsourced Video For Brands

When you think of crowdsourced video production, you don’t tend to think about large brands. One of the real benefits of crowdsourcing your video is the reduced cost–you’re not having to pay top dollar to the industry’s most-coveted commercial directors. But in today’s economy, even Fortune 500’s could stand to save a buck or two.

But it’s more than just dollars and cents. Crowdsourced content often results in creativity and artistry, with the cream rising to the top. Sometimes opening things up to the masses reveals a new approach or voice that would otherwise have gone undiscovered.

Like Brandon Carter. Carter has the unique distinction of being the filmmaker whose earnings put Poptent over the $2 Million payout threshold. So who was the company that went looking for crowdsourced genius and found Carter? Oh, a little computer outfit called Dell.

Here’s the spot created by Carter, through Poptent:

So is it as good as what Dell could have gotten if they’d hired Spike Jonze? Maybe not quite. But they would have spent ten or even a hundred times more on an ad like that. Here, they get quality work that sends the message the brand wants to send, and does so for a relative song. This is why major brands are interested in crowdsourcing… it’s the best of both worlds.

Carter has participated in 9 Poptent projects, and has created a total of 15 videos. But he’s only one of thousands. Poptent has 33,000 videographers from over 120 countries in their network.

Poptent Goes International

With their videographers spread out all over the globe, Poptent has decided to expand into Brazil to open an international office. According to the company’s release, Brazil is one of the fastest-growing markets for online video–comScore shows 26.2 billion videos viewed by Brazilians in 2010. YouTube and Facebook have both seen huge growth over the past twelve months in that country as well.