So you want to group your videos according to a certain category, and have a handy URL that links to a playlist or a page featuring only those videos.  You can create a variety of playlists and special pages by using the “Add A Section” tab at the bottom of your channel page.  After you create your new playlist/page, you can then share links that lead your viewers to them via annotations, or however you like to provide links.  The following Creator’s Tip shows you how to get those URLs if you are so inclined.

13 Secret YouTube Links in the One Channel Design

Here are the 13 links that you can turn into special playlists and pages:

  • Popular Uploads
  • Recent Uploads
  • All Playlists
  • Likes
  • Recent Posts
  • Recent Activities
  • Single Playlist
  • Multiple Playlists
  • Channels
  • Live Now
  • Upcoming Events
  • Previous Events
  • Tags

To turn one of these categories into a playlist/page:

  • Go to the “Add A Section” tab at the bottom of your channel page.  You’ll be given a bunch of options.  In the video, we use Tags.
  • After clicking “Tags,” type a specific tag in the search field.
  • A number of video titles will appear.  Select the broad category at the top of the list, and you can title it however you want. Click “Done.”
  • When you right-click on the title of the new playlist, select “Copy URL,” and paste it into the browser. (The URL will often include characters you don’t need after an “&” symbol, and you can delete that if you want to clean it up a bit, but it works either way.)
  • You can now take that link and put it in an annotation (or wherever you like to provide links) inside one of the videos in the new playlist/page.  Clicking on that annotation will take you to a special page featuring only those videos.

Also, remember when we talked about Learning to Master YouTube Annotations way back when?  Well, we’re almost done with that (finally).  Click here for more information on how to get signed up for this course.