Dailymotion, which is ranked #2 in the world in video sharing behind YouTube, is announcing a partnership with Joshfire so that you can create your own free channel app for Android, iOS, connected TVs, and mobile web.  That means if you’re an artist, filmmaker, musician, or Motionmaker Member on Dailymotion, you can now create a “home” app that your fans can download exclusively for your content, and you can put your whole library on it.  Independent music label Luaka Bop will be the first to use the service in the US.  This is should be quite the useful app for those who run a channel or have favorite channels on Dailymotion, so let’s dive in and see what it’s about.

Dailymotion’s DIY Mobile Apps Made Possible by Joshfire

From the press release:

Masking the complexity of app coding and programming, Joshfire’s Dailymotion dashboard provides intuitive construction and one-click publication. Apps can include a users’ full Dailymotion video library, integrate social feeds from Facebook, Twitter, RSS, Instagram and other social networks, and be custom-designed with personalized layout and template options optimized to a variety of industries and utilities.

It works for everyone.  If you don’t have a developer account, the price for first-time activation of the iOS app is $100, and $25 for Android.

Here’s a peek at the Luaka Bop mobile app:

luaka bop app

More details can be found at the Joshfire Factory site.

This is pretty cool.  It’s not just a mobile app for a whole site.  You can go straight to the source of the videos you love right from your phone or wherever you like watching video.  Nifty!