Content creation has been a central part of most SEO strategies for years. In the beginning, we based that content around keywords and phrases we wanted to rank for. When links gained much more importance with the engines, we began to create “viral’ content designed to elicit links. And now that we’re in a world where social activity and social signals are impacting search more and more, we’re creating content designed to “go social.”

Why Content For SEO? – The Infographic

Here’s a cool infographic I saw over at, created by Brafton. The theme is how important content can be to SEO efforts. Some of the highlights:

  • Content as a strategy seems to be supported by recent Panda updates.
  • Social signals now impact search results, and will only do so more in the future. 44% of business-to-business marketers polled said social action around content has a positive impact on SEO… only 1% said that impact was negative.
  • Content converts search visitors–60% of business decision makers say branded content helps them make better decisions on purchases.
This applies to video marketers because we’re all trying to be found and get traffic. What most of you have been doing for years–creating dynamic and engaging content to help market businesses–is what all marketers are going to be doing soon, as this massive push toward content creation continues. 

Here’s the full infographic–you can click the image to see the large version: