Have an issue with your channel and want to contact YouTube directly about it? Then just call (650) 244…..Ha! Like it’s going to be that easy. As the second largest search engine in the world (the first for video by a country mile) with a billion active users a month and over 1 million partners you are not going to be able to just pick up the phone and speak to someone, however urgent or frustrating your issue may be. However, YouTube do provide resources online where you can submit a request for help and we’ll take you through these options.

Contacting YouTube About General Enquiries

YouTube do have a contacts page where they will point you in the general direction of how to contact them depending on what you need. They give an actual bricks and mortar address too:

YouTube, LLC
901 Cherry Ave.
San Bruno, CA 94066

Phone: +1 650-253-0000 | Fax: +1 650-253-0001

They also give you a phone number to ring (and, adorably, a fax number). In reality, the phone takes you through to an automated Google switchboard which will put you through to a living, breathing human if you know their extension number. If you don’t, you can choose options to contact them regarding advertising, recruitment, Google products, info on the Google Search Appliance and, also, customer service. Don’t get too excited though, the customer service option will suggest you visit the Google website for further info.

youtube san bruno

If you want to talk to them about press enquiries or need information on YouTube itself then email [email protected] or visit their Press Room.

Contacting YouTube About Channel Issues

There is no way to directly contact YouTube either by phone or email for any general support issues. However, you can contact YouTube staff by completing and then submitting the correct form provided by them or by using some of the tools available online. YouTube encourages the use of this approach (even though you don’t really get a choice in the matter) as it makes things more efficient for both parties. Often, the user will find that they can resolve the issue themselves without taking it any further. Forms that are submitted are subject to a decent response time of around 48 hours.

Regarding specific help for technical or other issues, YouTube provide the following avenues for contact:

Technical Issues:

Account Recovery – If you need help with recovering your account. User name or password is required.

Site Security – Found a hack, exploit or any other issue that you want to alert YouTube to? Report it here.

Playback Issues – If you’re experiencing difficulty with video playback then YouTube welcome your comments and feedback via this form.

YouTube/G+ Problems – You can ask for assistance for issues relating to the integration of your YouTube and Google + accounts via this page.

I.P. And Other Legal Problems:

Defamation Claims – This form allows you to report videos which you believe violate local law.

Privacy Claims – Contact YouTube here if you believe your personal information (image, name, identification number) have been compromised.

Trademark Complaints – Use these forms if you have an issue with others using your trademarked content in their videos.

Copyright Issues – Email YouTube at [email protected] Give as much information as possible.

Counterfeit Complaint – If you have found anyone using your content deliberately as their own then file a complaint with YouTube via this form.

Content Removal/Reporting – If you feel under attack from content that has been posted by others then use these resources to reach out to YouTube for assistance. If you feel that you have a legitimate case based on harassment, threats, phishing etc then contact them immediately.

Abuse Issues – YouTube take attacks upon the person very seriously so check this resource if you feel vulnerable or threatened by any content on the site.

Report Impersonation – Someone pretending to be you or your brand? Contact YouTube with some valid I.D. and they will take a look.

Misc Legal Issues – Anything that doesn’t fall under the above can be addressed here

Contacting YouTube About Partner Opportunities

If you wish to become a full partner (and haven’t yet been approached by YouTube) then kickstart the process via the Partner Program Interest Form. You’ll find further information over at the Partners Forum.

If you are part of the Partner Program you can apply to use the YouTube spaces in London, L.A. or Tokyo starting on this page.

Contacting YouTube About Sales

If you need more information about advertising on YouTube (and you are a U.S. or Canadian citizen) then contact them via this page.

Those outside North America and Canada get get further information via this form.

Other Ways To Contact YouTube

YouTube are very active on social media, as you would expect, and it’s a long shot but you could try getting their attention via their Facebook or Twitter pages. Bear in mind that they have more followers on Twitter than the population of Malaysia and their Facebook following is over 75 Million but you never know…..

youtube twitter

They also have a forum over at Google Products which can be very helpful. If your question is relevant and on topic you’ll often find the answer here (although it may not be what you want to hear, particularly if you’ve broken the YouTube T&Cs).

Hope that all helps.