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Today’s reader question is:

“For some B2B businesses, coming up with unique and original video content ideas that are ‘worth sharing’ can be difficult. What things should B2B businesses consider when creating video content for the web?”

Answer: How to Make B2B Video that Pops

We’ve all heard the stats. 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

According to Forbes Insights, Three-quarters (75%) of executives surveyed said they watch work-related videos on business-related websites at least weekly; more than half (52%) watch work-related videos on YouTube at least weekly.

So what is a B2B marketer to do in order to stand out?

1) Information Snippets

First, keep in mind that executives are busy. Your videos need to be short form. One to two minutes max. If you have more to say, break it up into episodes based on individual topics. Executives are overloaded with information these days. Not everyone has time anymore to read through 20-30 page whitepapers.

2) Quality Brand Reflection

Second, get it professionally produced. The video is a reflection of your brand. Make sure that there is appropriate lighting, sound, camera work, etc. We’ve had a lot of success developing B2B video content through our Poptent Productions.

Take a look at this interview-style video from Plum District.

3) Smart But Fun

Third, make it entertaining. Even B2B marketers need to be great storytellers. For example, when FedEx was targeting small business in a video email marketing campaign, they used Poptent to create great content around the idea that you should “Think FedEx First”.

These spots are not only informative, but entertaining as well.

4) Distribution to the Right People

Finally, don’t focus on social sharing. The goal of great B2B content should be to reach the right people. Plan a distribution strategy. Whether it is your outside sales team, email marketing or content marketing on your website and social media properties, the key is to get your video in front of the right audience when they are ready to make a purchase.

Consider YouTube’s new AdWords for Video to take advantage of buyers searching for video content. Utilize your CRM system to send links to your content and make it easily discoverable on your website and social media properties.

ReelPop Q&A is a weekly video marketing question and answer series made possible by Poptent. If you would like us to answer your question for an upcoming post, please click here.