Ooyala has some pretty good offerings in their online video solutions arsenal and now, they’ve got another one, a new video recommendations system. To help everyone get a better grip on the power of these systems, we worked together to put out a new, free whitepaper, Connecting Consumers with Content, that does a great job of explaining what recommendation systems are, and more importantly, how they can help an online video publisher not only have the content discovered and viewed but also generate more revenue.

How to Connect Consumers with More Relevant Video Content

In Connecting Consumers with Content, Ooyala walks us through reasons that recommendations systems are good for online video publishers:

Consumer choice is a powerful competitive force. Alternatives for online viewing are constantly expanding, creating an explosion in entertainment choices. Most online video content providers realize they can’t win simply by making more content, so their dilemma has become: ‘how can we ensure that consumers connect with more of the most relevant content we have’?

And in that question, they lead into the topic of recommendation systems to help viewers discover more content and stay on site longer. Of course, viewers viewing more video or staying on our sites longer means more revenue generation potential because of more ads, video and display, being shown. That means you can better monetize the video content you’ve already got instead of constantly pumping out new content that gets minimal views and generates negligible monetization.

The whitepaper goes through some quick highlights about how people discover content, ways used to help them discover it and finding the value in it all.

Considering Netflix has dumped a few million into its recommendation engine, this is big business and it seems that Ooyala is set to give you the power of its own recommendation system, Ooyala Discovery. Netflix also has stated that at least 75% of all views on the site are now driven by the recommendation engine they have developed.

Ooyala Discovery offers a comprehensive suite of content discovery and recommendation tools, all fully integrated into an online video content management system and cross-device delivery platform.

I quickly perused Connecting Consumers with Content and it’s chocked full of some pretty good information. It doesn’t get too technical, but it does give a good glimpse inside how major recommendation systems are helping consumers discover new content. It also drives home the point that, if you’ve got online video content that’s wallowing in loneliness, you might really benefit from a recommendation system.

Anyone who is publishing a lot of video to the web should at least take a look at the whitepaper to get a grip on the recommendation system and its value to your business.