Who knows how much they will use it, considering what we just read from Greg Jarboe the other day, but members of Congress now have access to YouTube Live Stream on their YouTube channels.  There are, of course, many people crying out to have access to this feature who can’t get it, and it’s being thrown onto the laps of Congress, who might not use it that much.  But whatever: the live streaming feature is being made available after the success of the State of the Union and other political events like the debates.

YouTube Live Stream: Now In Session for Congress

YouTube has seen a growing number of debates happening on Google+ Hangouts on a variety of topics, and it has allowed people in other parts of the world to join in on the conversation.  So the ability of Congress to live stream is being seen as a good way to reach people, as a way to practice “transparency” when it comes to the job.

I don’t know how many viewers will suddenly be interested in seeing live political streaming.  It’s kind of like individual C-SPAN channels with the ability to comment.  But it’s probably not for millions of people anyway.  Savvy politicians can definitely use this to their advantage if they have interesting ideas and events in store.  Although, I wonder what this does with “equal time” rules should interested candidates not be able to use “Live Streaming” during elections.  Maybe they’ve already thought of that and they intend to give all politicians the opportunity at some point.  Or maybe it just doesn’t count because it’s the internet.  Still, I feel an interesting question anyway.

There you go, Congress.  How will you use the YouTube Live Stream?  Try to make it count!