One of the most successful web series out there is Web Therapy, a comedy starring Lisa Kudrow as a not-so-qualified therapist who treats patients via video chat.  The series, created by Kudrow and producer/director Don Roos, has attracted a number of name stars such as Courteney Cox, Alan Cumming, and Meryl Streep, but on December 14 the show will be getting its first guest star playing him/herself in Conan O’Brien.  O’Brien will appear for three episodes in the show’s fourth season and become the latest to totally not get real therapy.

Web Therapy Welcomes Conan O’Brien For Fourth Season Appearance

Web Therapy got more exposure in the past year by airing ten episodes of its first season on Showtime, a huge step for web series in general.  The new episodes continue to run on internet TV’s L Studio, and the new season began airing last week.  This season kicked off with appearances from Rosie O’Donnell and Minnie Driver.

Here’s a preview of Conan’s spot, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter:

That looks pretty funny, pretty classic Web Therapy to take a phrase like “two-way street” and end up being a conversation about a whole neighborhood.  Love that “cul-de-sac” line.  The probably outstanding guest appearance begins on December 14.  I know I’m going to watch.