comScore has updated their Video Metrix reports to include more information and insight. They’re calling it Video Metrix 2.0, but it still does the same basic things that it always has.

Video Metrix 2.0 did get some expansion and enhancement including online video ad impression reporting (separately from content videos), incorporated comScore’s Unified Digital Measurement (UDM) methodology, bringing it in line with how comScore’s page-measurement service, Media Metrix 360 is done and includes new measurements of…

Video Reach / Frequency Tool

The industry now has a fully-featured, unique-to-comScore, Video Reach and Frequency tool that provides video publishers with valuable visibility in front of agencies creating cross-media and cross-publisher media plans.

Enhancements to the service include:

  • The ability to filter video viewing activity between ads and content
  • TV show-level reporting for major broadcast sites (top online TV shows for, and in June can be found here:
  • Additional reporting metrics, including average daily unique viewers, viewing sessions, percentage of ads by videos viewed, percentage of ads by time spent viewing video, ads per content video, content minutes per ad minute
  • Ranking of video ad networks by actual reach of ads delivered (as opposed to only the potential reach of the network)
  • Recalibration of estimates of unique viewers as a result of improved data collection methods
  • In addition, comScore plans to introduce an updated Gross Rating Point (GRP) metric in the coming months to further enable cross-media comparability with TV. Video ads and content reporting capabilities are still under development in Video Metrix markets outside the U.S., but the other reported enhancements will be available in these markets with the June data release.