When you are an ad-supported network, it might be difficult to prove to advertisers your absolute, true reach when you consider connected TVs and video game consoles.  Today, comScore and Sony Picture Television’s Crackle will be partnering to measure the audience on all devices where Crackle is available, including on its more than 20 apps.  Crackle will be the first in the industry to use this kind of measuring across every device and app in order to better inform advertisers the kind of reach they have.  I’m sure others will be eager to see the results.

Crackle and Comscore Want to Measure Everybody

Crackle plays Sony movies and TV shows, plus a lot of original web series on the site, all for free.  To do that, obviously, requires advertising, and advertisers need to know if they’re money is going to the right place.  The trouble with online is that there are so many places where people watch video now that it’s tough to figure out how many people are watching and what they’re watching it on.

Crackle plays a rotating group of Seinfeld episodes in order (always leverage your top property) and they are behind the Jerry Seinfeld web series, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee:” In the press release, GM and executive vice president of Crackle Eric Berger says:

Before this new capability, there had been no audience measurement of connected TV and game consoles, so publishers and networks could not provide an unduplicated audience number.  With the help of comScore and their revolutionary approach, we can now provide advertisers with measurement that includes the audience size and demographics across all of Crackle.

This comes at a time when there is a lot of uncertainty about how to make sense of the numbers.  Greg Jarboe’s excellent article yesterday illustrated the oddball numbers that you can get when you look at several different companies all with their different forms of measure.  And the disposition on the matter gets cloudier when those measuring services change their methodology or decide not to include certain things in their data.

Crackle’s numbers will be available during the 2nd quarter of the year.  It’ll be interesting to see what we learn.