A couple of interesting things came out of comScore’s May 2013 Video Metrix released today.  First, from what I can tell, this is the first time we here in the U.S. have watched over 40 billion videos in a month.  It definitely hasn’t happened in the past 12 months, although there have been flirtations.  The minutes-per-viewer sits at a robust 1247.9.  Also, if you’ve been following the comScore Video Metrix, what should come as no surprise is that ad-viewing rose again.  But they took yet another huge leap, from 5,137 total ad minutes in April to an astounding 6,042 last month.

comScore’s May 2013 Online Video Rankings

As always, the top 10 sites are led by “Google.”  AOL’s dedication to video we’ve been hearing a lot about lately has paid off: their site  made a huge jump from 9th last month to 3rd this month in unique viewers, while increasing their video load by 200 million.  Everything else is virtually the same.

comscore video sites

Video ads made a substantial leap from around 10 billion in February to 13 billion in March, taking the total ads per viewer from around 4,000 to 5,000.  And 5,000 it stayed, for two months, when May came along and served up 6,042 ad minutes over a total of 15 billion ads.  Another thing notable here is that Brightroll overtook Google last month with 2.6 billion of those ads, responsible for 1,340 of the total minutes.  Google is still close by, but they had an undisputed reign for quite some time on this chart.  Also, ads reached 53.1 percent of the population.  Hulu again destroyed all comers with 71.3 ads per viewer.  AOL also cracked the top 10 here.

comscore video ads

The video networks only saw one change, and it was towards the bottom of the top 10.  Broadband TV switched places with SonyBMG for 9th place.

comscore networks