While Charles Schultz has been no longer with us since 2000, and his “Peanuts” comic strip ended at pretty much the same time, there seems to be someone out there ready to carry the torch 13 years later on Vine.  Khoa Phan, who has made a few stellar stop-motion Vines, has signed a deal with Peanuts Worldwide (a joint venture between Iconix Brand Group and Charles M. Schultz Creative Associates) to create 12 new Peanuts strips through the 6-second video service.  The gang led by Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and others will soon be a part of the social media scene.

Khoa Phan’s Work on Vine

Vine lends itself really well to stop-motion animation.  They’re pretty much animated GIFs anyway.  But we’ve seen brands using Vine creatively, we’ve seen hopeful Vine filmmakers enter their creations at Tribeca, and the service bought by Twitter might be one of the biggest stories in video this year.  Who would have thought these 6-second mini-movies would turn into so many marketing opportunities?

Apparently, after Mashable did a profile on the 23-year-old Phan, the Peanuts gang came calling.  Here are just a couple of the Vines that got the ball rolling:

It’s part of a “larger strategy” by Peanuts Worldwide, as a 3D movie is in the works for 2015.