On this week’s Reel Web, we discuss the updated YouTube app that will soon be available on certain SmartTVs to allow for streaming movie rentals, a potential new way to engage your audience through collaborative video creation, and a quick mention of a new web series being launched by Epipheo.tv that promises to offer “life-changing epiphanies from some of the world’s top thought-leaders.”

Philips Smart TV to Offer Rentals via YouTube App

By the end of the year Philips Smart TV will have an updated app for YouTube that will allow people to rent moves available on their platform.  As YouTube increases it’s available library of movies they will begin to be a real competitor with other online movie rental sites like Netflix and Amazon.  Down the line this could potentially result in some big changes for online video content providers and where their views come from.

Audience Video Collaboration with WeVideo

WeVideo.com has a new feature to allow users to embed a feature into their website so that visitors can submit their own video clips and collaborate with others online.  For example, you can give them a starter video clip and the online community can then collaborate together to create a unique video right there using the editor at WeVideo.com.  The video can then be posted directly to YouTube.  This could be a great way to engage your audience in a different way and help build a sense of community for your content.

Epipheo’s New Thought Leader Web Series

Visit Epipheo’s YouTube Channel to watch the latest in a series of videos being created to share epiphanies from some of the world’s top thought leaders.

QUESTION: What implications do YouTube rentals on Smart TVs have for video creators and marketers?

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On this week’s look at The Reel Web, there’s not a whole lot to talk about, actually. That and not a whole lot more coming up this week on the Reel Web.

Hey, guys! My name is Tim Schmoyer. Welcome to another week of the Reel Web, where every week we just highlight for you guys some of the online video news
from the week before, assuming that there was some.

And guys, this is like the first time I’ve sat down to my RSS reader and gone through all the online video news and blogs and websites and forms and
everything that I follow, and there wasn’t really a whole lot to cover here from last week that we haven’t already covered in previous episodes. Usually
it’s the other way around, where I have like 15 stories, and I try to condense it down to six and end up settling with 12 and just trying to rush through
them really fast so this doesn’t turn into like a half hour long video. But that’s not the case this time. I’ve got two stories for you.

The first one is that Philips Smart TVs by the end of the year will have an updated app for YouTube, which will now include the ability for people to rent
movies that are available on YouTube. And the more that YouTube increases its library of titles that are available for rent on their platform, the more and
more this looks like it’s going to move into, like, a competitor with Netflix, with Amazon, Instant Video, and other online streaming services. Granted
it’s just a small step in that direction, but I think it’s a good indicator of the direction YouTube wants to go with their premium content and their paid
rentals or their offer by the motion picture movie studio, or by one of us. And of course, the question that we always have to ask after something like
this is, what are the implications for those of us who are online video marketers and video creators using this platform here on YouTube? How’s it going to
influence what we do, the decisions we make regarding our content and the strategies that revolve around that content and everything. So that’s what I want
to hear from you guys about this week. Comment below. Let me know what you think the ramifications might be for YouTube now introducing their paid for
premium rental content, now available directly on the big screen televisions through the new YouTube app.

The second story I want to share with you guys is that WeVideo.com now has a new feature that lets you embed something onto your website that people can go
to and submit their own video clips and kind of collaborate with other people who are your viewers around different video content. You can give them a
couple of starter clips to get started with, and they together can make a video that you can then take different clips, piece them all together, right
there within the editor at WeVideo.com and post it straight to YouTube as a fan based, community sourcing type of content. And it sounds to me like it
could be a really good way to engage your audience in a new way, to actually highlight them in front of your audience in a very unique way. That,
hopefully, takes a lot of the legwork out of having to collect different clips from everyone and dump them into your editor. Now it’ll be right there. You
can even let someone else handle the editing job that’s part of your community. So, that would be interesting. I would love to try that out with you guys
sometime. Unfortunately, I haven’t really seen it in action. I tried to find a place that was actually doing this, so I couldn’t really see exactly how it
works, but sometime in the future it would be fun to highlight you guys.

On a more personal note, for the past six months, I’ve been overseeing a YouTube web series strategy for a company called Epipheo, where I work full time,
and we are launching the announcement for our new web series today, actually. And we are super excited about that. I won’t go into all the details about
what it is right here in this space, but it is a very awesome thing that I am very excited about. This is going to be an animated series, every single week
a new video, so go check it out. I put the link to it below, to our press release video that kind of shows a little bit more about what we’re doing and
why. It’s going to be awesome. I’d love to have you guys join us there.

For our Creator Set video on Thursday, we’re going to talk to Andre from Black Nerd Comedy. We’re going to do another round of common mistakes that
creators make on YouTube. It’s going to be a lot of really great info, helpful content for you guys, so make sure you subscribe to get that and all the
other cool stuff we’re working on for you guys here at Reel SEO. And thanks for hanging out! We’ll see you guys on Thursday for that video and then again
next Tuesday for some hopefully good, solid news about the Reel Web. Thanks for hanging out, guys. Bye.