About a week ago we talked about Stroke Lab, a site where swimming coaches could upload video of their athletes and provide commentary, pause the video for emphasis, and use a telestrator to detail movements that the coach wants to correct.  Swimmers can take a look at the video in the comfort of their own home.  Just log in.  So it comes as no surprise that another application is out there, and this one is mobile.  TechSmith Corporation has launched Coach’s Eye, an app for nearly every outdoor sport where a coach or parent can explain, with video, where the athlete is doing well, and what areas need improvement.

Coach’s Eye Works For Virtually Any Sport Or Activity

Coach’s Eye works in very much the same way as the Stroke Lab site does, only this video can be taken with an iPhone and can be e-mailed, texted, or sent to YouTube.  I like how in the app description, they say it can be used for “virtually any sport or activity,” meaning not just sports, but perhaps, your son’s performance in the school play?  “You’re not convincing as Henry V, son.  Let’s go to the video.”  Others will likely be even more creative with activities they can review.

Here’s a video showing the capabilities of the Coach’s App:

It’s got some great features.  The ability to watch the video in slow motion, or frame-by-frame, is a huge plus for instruction.  I really like that you can send it through e-mail or text.  Coach’s App has its own “private cloud” for these videos, or it can go to YouTube, which can also be made private, so you can send it to only the people who really need to see it.  Also, organization appears to be pretty easy, as it separates each new video that you create into different folders, which all can be reviewed later if need be.

The app launched on October 31, and is currently the #1 sports app in Apple’s store.