For the third year straight, YouTube will be streaming the Coachella Music + Arts Festival starting Friday, April 12 and onto Sunday, April 14.  Of all the things that could push YouTube even further into the stratosphere it’s the continued delivery of awesome live events and the increased ability of others to do so.  The live schedule hasn’t been released yet, but those who are interested can subscribe to the Coachella channel to get the updates and of course, watch the bands.

Coachella on YouTube for the 3rd Time

Here’s Coachella’s 2013 Promo:

To see the super huge lineup of bands, here’s the Coachella website.

Live streaming is definitely an important aspect to YouTube because there are simply events we cannot attend on our own, and bringing the event to others widens the audience awareness of not only the festival but everyone who participates.  And plus, it’s freakin’ fun to watch bands you like from the comfort of your home.