A quick espresso and 15 secs of video news are all you need to start the day thanks to new partnership between CNN and Twitter. In a new video series called ‘Your 15 Second Morning‘, several main news stories are embedded natively on Twitter and shared from CNN’s account. News of the partnership is scheduled to be formally announced tomorrow during the CNN Worldwide Upfront event.

The division creating the video series, CNN Digital Studios, is part of a larger initiative that launched in Q4 2013. The Digital Studio’s team is 12 reporters, producers and editors who’ve been commissioned to create new online video franchises and series.

News Video Soundbites

CNN is not the first to jump into the really short news clips market – NowThis News has been broadcasting short news videos made for Instagram and Vine. CNN’s Senior VP Andrew Morse admitted to Mashable that they have taken up the opportunity with Twitter as a result of seeing NowThis News receive a positive consumer reaction:

NowThis news has done a great job of tailoring content for the mobile and social audience and they shouldn’t quite honestly be the only ones doing it. The way many television networks have approached digital video historically is to take live television, cut it up and put it online, but what we’ve come to realize over time is that’s not the kind of video that the online audience and mobile audience are demanding. We are reverse engineering the process.

So the Digital Studios will create spinoffs around existing CNN personalities like Dr. Sanjay Gupta and shows like Crossfire. Coming soon is a series by Anthony Bourdain – the ‘edgy chef’ in programs just eight to 10 minutes in length. The programs are not only companions to what airs on TV, Morse says the format can serve as a testing ground for content that could be featured on TV later.

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Morse told Mashable that Your 15 Second Morning is the only series that CNN Digital Studios is partnering on with Twitter or any other social network. “We’re looking for other great projects,” Morse says, “and actively talking with other companies about original video programming.”

Getting my news in 15 sec video bites via Twitter is a possibility, especially as I rarely turn the TV on in the morning, and rarely find that my espresso survives their drawn-out coverage on a single topic.