Google’s video streaming device, Chromecast, has been a hit pretty much from the second it hit the shelves in the US last year. Meanwhile, those of us on the other side of the Atlantic have been tapping our fingers and fidgeting in our seats waiting for our turn. UK consumers have been able to get them on import but there’s a serious lack of support to get them up and running (good luck if you have a BT Homehub and have tried to get Chromecast to work via that router – I’ve completely given up). But, there’s good news – it looks like the streaming stick will be available from 9am this Wednesday, 19th March 2014, according to leaked sources.

Right now, electronics retailers Dixons is about to release its stock, but we’d be surprised if that wasn’t followed very quickly by availability on Amazon UK, Tescos, Sainsbury’s and other high street stores. Sources speculate the dongle will be on sale for around £30 (around $50), so a little more expensive than the US model. Meanwhile, the iOS and Android Chromecast control apps have been updated to make them available in a range of new languages.

According to an employee of Dixons/PC World, Chromecast has appeared in their internal stocking system ready for Wednesday’s launch. Squeeeee.

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