In the latest installment of our ‘Behind The Reel’ series, a show that shines a big spotlight on influential YouTube creators, we talk to Chris Pirillo. Chris has been active online since 1996, the year he launched his phenomenally successful site LockerGnome. He’s been sharing his love of technology and geek culture with us ever since. He was previously a host on the TechTV network, has made appearances on CNN giving tech opinions. He’s been enjoying a hugely successful career on YouTube making tech related content and daily vlogs. Please welcome to the show, YouTube’s King of the Geeks, Chris Pirillo:

ReelSEO: What’s your top tip for video marketers and YouTube content creators in general?

chris pirillo lockergnomeChris Pirillo: Don’t rely on one source for all of your revenue, your connection point to your community, or in fact any part of your business. This is a mistake I see many YouTubers making. It’s what people do with what you put out there is almost more important than the content you create. I know that sounds odd, after all, if you didn’t create the content then people would have nothing to share….but it’s a metric that’s very difficult to attain and that’s why it’s important for you to exist on multiple platforms. Also, understand what makes social valuable and understand what people want to share.

ReelSEO: What trends should creator’s look out for in 2014?

The main trend I see with respect to video is that mobile is finally going to come into its own, particularly the push of video with apps. Don’t just assume that you can take the basic approach with mobile though, you have to think about how your community are going to find and engage with your content. Also, relying on ‘Search’ traffic on any platform is dangerous, it worked very well for a long time but now things are evolving and it’s more important that you go out and find your true fans and address them directly.

That’s it for the latest episode of ‘Behind The Reel’. A huge thank you to Chris Pirillo for his time and our viewers for watching. You can subscribe to Chris’s YouTube Channel below: