We’ve written about OK Go several times here at ReelSEO. Their music videos are always viral events, due mostly to the time and care they put into them–oh, and the insane level of creativity. I’ve often said that it’d be endlessly entertaining just to be a fly on the wall during one of their music video brainstorm sessions. Their latest video is sponsored by Chevy, and it involves one of the most complicated and convoluted musical performances I think the world has ever seen.

The New OK Go Video

Imagine a desert driving course, set up with hundreds of pianos, guitars, and other noisemakers. Then imagine a series of rigged up pneumatic arms on the sides of a car, that can be controlled by someone inside the car. If you use the arm controls right, and keep the car at precisely the right speed in all the right places… could you make a song?

Because we’re talking about OK Go here, I think you know the answer:

Innovation Will Rule Viral Video

OK Go isn’t outside the box… they’re on a different planet from the box. They’re the reason we even know where the boundaries of the box are. Nothing’s too crazy for them. A stop motion animation created by burning toast? Check. Synchronizing the largest Rube Goldberg contraption I’ve ever seen? Check. And now, rigging up a car and a test track so that the moving car “plays” the instruments for your music video. Unreal.

This is the future of what your online video efforts will look like, by the way. Once all brands and businesses are making video, only the truly original ones will stand out and gain attention. This is, in case you haven’t figured it out, exactly why OK Go does what they do–because it stands out and gets attention.

The further outside the box–the more the envelope is pushed–the better. When I read about this Chevy video before seeing it, I thought I was being misled. Surely there was some hyperbole or exaggeration in the flowery description of what they accomplished. Then I actually watched it and realized… nope… they actually did that.

It’s not enough to make video… you have to make a good video. And now days… it’s really not enough to make a good video, you’ll need to make an insanely creative good video in order to hook the audience and compel them to share.

It’s not as hard as you think. All you have to do is think of an idea no one’s ever done before and that most people wouldn’t believe unless they saw it. Okay… maybe it is harder than I suggested. But OK Go sure makes it look easy.

OK Go & Chevy – Sponsored Video Marketing Is The Future

In the coming years, we’re going to see more and more of this sort of thing from major brands like Chevy. They’ll go out and find some really creative musicians, artists, animators, or whatever… and throw some money at them to do something big and amazing–sponsored by Chevy, of course–and everyone will win. By the way, if you saw Chevy’s big first quarter commercial on the Super Bowl, it spliced in footage from several recent Chevy online videos–including this OK Go video.

OK Go got to do a video they probably couldn’t have funded on their own. Chevy gets to be front and center on what is likely to be one of the most viewed and most shared videos of the year. And fans everywhere get one of the most creative and impressive videos they’re likely to ever see.