In the same week that YouTube introduced new features to help the cross promotion of channels and video content, audience retention platform Fanbridge have also launched a free new service, Channel Pages, aimed at matching up like minded creators on the site. YouTubers can sign up and create their own promotional page where they can highlight specific information regarding their channel like demographic and subscriber metrics. There’s also a neat little word cloud feature created from that channel’s most used video titles and description key phrases.

These pages then become part of a directory where other creators can search for potential partners for project collaborations or to find brands that they want to work with. Of course, they also give themselves a chance to be found by like minded creators or by companies reaching out for advertising and other monetisation purposes.

fanbridge channel pages

FanBridge, based in New York, already work with a wide range of companies but want to expand their service across the YouTube community. Noah Dinkin, co-founder and President said of the launch:

When you talk with anyone in the YouTube ecosystem, collaborations between channels are the single best way for a channel to gain exposure and grow on the platform…until Channel Pages there was no good way to search for other channels, and then easily reach out to them to start a collaboration. The search on YouTube is keyword based and is built for end users, it doesn’t allow for searching valuable advanced criteria such as audience demographics or channel statistics that have been hidden until now.

This search function allows video makers and brands to reach out to others on YouTube based on their required criteria. Sponsorship or other revenue deals are settled between advertisers and channels independent of YouTube so those channels get to keep 100% of the proceeds.

fanbridge channel page

It will be interesting to see just how many YouTubers sign up for the new service and what kind of collaborations we can see in the future from channels and brands that have found each other via the site.