At CES 2012, Connected TV was the star of the show, as I thought it would be, and so here’s why you should be looking to expand your content into a connected TV friendly format and start looking at connected TV advertising as well.

With the massive expansion of connected TV this year at CES, comes the announcement that YuMe is teaming up with Samsung to provide advertising options on the company’s connected TV offerings. I didn’t expect that it would happen so fast but really, it makes sense. I’m also fairly sure that this is the major trend for the rest of the year, expanding online content to a more TV friendly format.

YuMe & Samsung Team For Connected TV Advertising

YuMe will be providing the advertising on the Smart TV platform and providing advertisers with an integrated campaign platform for reaching consumers across TV, mobile, and online devices. On top of that the two will do a Brand Lift study on connected TV ads which I am guessing will be using State Farm since they’re the first advertiser for it all.

The Vizu-powered study will gauge how ads impact consumers’ perception by randomly sampling viewers and presenting a small subset with an on-screen survey served from Samsung’s Smart Hub. Viewers respond to the survey using their TV remote. Responses from viewers who have not been exposed to the advertising are compared to those from viewers surveyed while the advertising is running in order to calculate the Brand Lift generated by the campaign.

“Our sales partnership with YuMe allows Samsung to leverage their strong relationships with brands, agencies, and third-parties for the Samsung Smart TV Advertising Platform,” said Daniel Park, Vice President, Samsung Electronics, Media Solution Center. We believe the ability to reach consumers through Samsung’s market-leading Smart TV’s and Blu-ray Disc players presents a unique and compelling value proposition to marketers. YuMe is a valuable partner in evangelizing this opportunity and bringing brand advertisers in to participate in this interactive, emerging platform.”

Now I guess the question is how are they going to augment standard video ads and use the full power of the connected TV platform to maximize interaction, engagement, brand uplift and purchase intent. They mentioned some interesting things like trivia, etc. I just hope that advertisers see the power and value in it all. Where do you think the power lies in advertising on connected TVs?