So, I nearly sent this to Chris for his ReelSEO Fun Friday spot, but honestly, it’s so good it deserves a post of its own. It’s a standing joke here that cats rule the internet, but according to the latest video from the team behind the PBS Idea YouTube Channel, cats might actually be the internet. In other words, the internet loves cats because the internet IS cats.

As the mascots of the web (along with bacon and boobs) we use their power to reach out to fellow humans, to make our content accessible and relatable and to encourage engagement and familiarity. In turn, the mythos of the cat is reinforced, its role in our culture defined and perpetuated because of the importance we afford to it.

But there’s more! PBS Idea guide us through their theory by explaining the principles of metonymy and all manner of mathematical theories and why, via the toxoplasmosis virus that one in three of us carry, humans are more attracted to cats than they would think….we are pre-programmed to worship and adore them. Marketers instinctively know this which is why, done well, the use of cats in a promotional video has the potential to carry the brand and message further.

The “cat web” is the place that 99% of internet users are familiar with, it’s the model we interact with every day, the place to connect to and share with our friends and family, a structure we are familiar and are comfortable with. It’s an entity where we use the medium of cats (amongst other symbols) to communicate with the outside world and to instinctively understand how that world wants to communicate with us. It has unspoken but clearly defined boundaries that encourage us to explore and interact with the universe around us.

There’s a longer post due about this I’m sure (and possibly a PhD thesis) but enough talking, here’s the video itself for you to enjoy. It’s nearly 9 minutes long but totally worth it. Haven’t got 9 minutes? Then at least spend a few seconds on the greatest cat site on the internet, ideal for a quick feline fix.