Each Friday, Jeremy Scott writes a weekly viral video marketing column where he highlights the most interesting viral videos and analyzes viral video trends of the week. Videos that feature pets and animals are often in the mix and even those that may identify themselves more as “dog people” would have to admit that videos with cats do quite well. Some may even say that if it werent for cats, YouTube may not be where it is today.

While some may discount the power of cat videos for marketing, John St., an advertising firm in Toronto Canada, has embraced it. Last week, they announced a new direction for their agency, pledging to to “lead the industry into a brand-new communications era” by focusing on “Catvertising.”  With that, they created a playful video to announce their new focus and to explain the power of cat videos.

“By 2015, cat videos are going to represent 90% of the content on the World Wide Web.”

Not only are videos that feature cats powerful at generating views, but videos that talk about the power of cat videos at generating views can also be quite powerful. As of writing this post, John St.’s video has received almost 1.1 Million views.

Congratulations to John St. for taking a popular internet meme, and using it to create a promotional video for their agency that truly is, content worth sharing.  Ill certainly be using this video in my presentations.

So, What Can Catvertising Do For Your Business?

Here’s a transcript of the video, with some powerful statements highlighted in bold.

STEPHEN JURISIC: We’re seeing a shift in consumer habits. Everything is moving towards cat videos. And the agencies that don’t realize that will get left behind.

ANGUS TUCKER: Cat videos are an unbelievably effective new business tool.

ARTHUR FLEISHMANN: We’ve seen phenomenal growth in this category. We’re taking that learning and applying it to our business model.

NARRATOR: In 2012, John St. will lead the industry into a brand new communications era with the launch of the world’s first and only catvertising agency.

ARTHUR FLEISHMANN: Cat videos provide an excellent return on investment. The costs are minimal. It’s win-win.

JASON LAST: By 2015, cat videos are going to represent 90% of the content on the World Wide Web. It’s proven results.

KERI ZIERLER: Using the four pillars of creativity, we provide work that’s persuasive, unignorable, relevant, and rememberable. Our goal is to integrate cat videos into every stage of the customer experience, 24/7/365.

NARRATOR: To facilitate this change, we’ve incorporated our own cat video production studio, filming, writing, seeding, all completely in house.

ANGUS TUCKER: Creating a good cat video is no accident. A lot of people think you just show up in a room with a camera and a couple of cats and start filming. But they take a tremendous amount of planning. We storyboard every frame.

We actually created our first cat video in February of 2008. Cat approaches the camera slowly from afar. Then the camera would pan to the right. And then when it comes back, the cat’s closer. Really, I think that was the magic moment in the spot. It came up seven for us, I guess you might say.

You think sometimes you’re going to run out of material with cats. But you never do. You come in on Monday, and you go, oh my god, trombone cat. And it’s excellent.

NARRATOR: In an era of unprecedented change, there’s one agency with the courage to change everything.

STEPHEN JURISIC: Nobody wants to see ads anymore. They want cat videos.

ARTHUR FLEISHMANN: Ask yourself, what can cat videos do for your business?