Here’s a virtual marathon of videos for you to watch today.  We brought you cats this weekend, because we know you love cats.  But that’s not all.  How about Star Wars?  And what do you think about bacon?  And how big can a human get anyway?  But that barely scratches the surface because true beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  These videos will have you watching all day.  You may not get any work done.  But that’s totally fine because it’s Friday and no one cares how badly you screw up.  Too many people are thinking about the weekend to care that you lost that big client.

Fun Video Friday: April 19, 2013

We have to kick this weekend off with this video.  Prepare to laugh all day when you see this cat and its interaction with a vacuum:

Klaatu42 is back with another talking dog video where he teases his dog about a new kitty:

Harrison Ford got on Jimmy Kimmel to talk about his new movie 42.  But definitely not about the new Star Wars:

PTX gives us an a capella music history lession:

Amazing Feats!

The trial jumps at the beginning of this video will not prepare you for what you are about to see.  Epic TV Adventure is about to take you through a death-defying stunt that will leave you shaking:

Brazilian football player Murilo Pitol shows off his amazing skills with a don’t-call-it-a-soccer-ball:

I can’t figure out if the skills above are more impressive, or the things this woman can do with a jump rope.  Who are we kidding, they’re both impressive:

New Colts backup QB Matt Hasselbeck has worn #8 on the various teams he’s played for in his career.  That’s a problem because Chandler Harnish has it on the Colts.  So, for $8,000 and the right to wear the number, here’s a half-court basketball shot for the win:

Dove: Point & Counterpoint

First off, Dove did this mega-viral campaign called Real Beauty Sketches where women described themselves to a sketch artist, and then people who knew those women described them in their terms:

New Feelings Time thought, “This is ripe for a parody,” and thus made this hilarious counterpoint:

Fun & Food

Mary Doodles sketches Paradise:

BuzzFeed tells us the “importance” and “history” of bacon:

And as long as we’re on the subject of bacon, Epic Meal Time shows how to make Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers:

Law & Order

New Zealand parliament member Maurice Williamson made a speech just before the country passed their Gay Marriage bill that may have just sold it.  At the very least, it’s entertaining for the rest of us, and maybe our own Congress…nah, just enjoy the video:

Someone has compiled the fakest websites Law & Order ever visited:

Brands Making Great Content

Scottish soft drink brand Irn Bru makes things uncomfortable:

Shark Helmet shows the toughness of their product by putting people in a human metronome:

Actresses Imitating Things

Community/Mad Men actress Alison Brie imitates famous memes for Paul F. Tompkins on Self Made Man:

Christina Bianco pulls off some great impressions of very well known pop stars:


Aatma Studios sets up 500 CG iPhones to knock down like dominoes, and magic happens:

You will never be able to take your eyes away from the awe and majesty of magnetic putty:

This video teaser, entitled, “Sparkles and Wine,” shows a disconcerting light effect that I guess we’ll be seeing more of in the full version:

You cannot resist watching a volcano erupting underwater, courtesy of PBS:

Science and Learning!

ASAP Science asks “Why Do We Cry?”

Minute Physics continues their assault on parallel universes and alternate realities:

Finally, VSauce asks “How Big Can A Person Get?” and like always, the title is more than just a physical question:

Have a great Friday.