If you were a child of the eighties, you probably watched one or two or all 192 episodes of Full House.  You thought Bob Saget was a wholesome dad and there was no way that any of the child actors would one day find themselves in tabloids.  You probably also watched a few or all 88 episodes of Saved by the Bell or its various spinoffs (The New Class actually lasted longer), or even the one that started it all, Good Morning, Miss Bliss.  Either way, you are familiar with Dennis Haskins or the second name to which he probably answers, “Mr. Belding.”  Also, when you were young, who could forget the classic TV show called “The O.J. Simpson Murder Trial” which starred a young Kato Kaelin as the wacky house guest who made us all laugh in the face of brutal stabbings.

Can’t Get Arrested Launches On Halloween

The new web series, Can’t Get Arrested, launches today (October 31) and stars Dave Coulier and all-grown-up (and somewhat frequent tabloid fodder) Jodie Sweetin of Full House, along with guest stars Haskins, Kaelin, and former cast mate Candace Cameron.  It’s supposed to have a Curb Your Enthusiasm-style feel, with the principal actors playing “themselves,” and the show has a pretty great premise.  It is about performers who try to get their careers back on track by misbehaving or spinning bad press into a positive.

In the first episode, a paparazzi photo of Sweetin is photoshopped to make it look like she’s had a wardrobe malfunction.  Coulier tries to convince Sweetin that this is a good thing and use it to get back into the spotlight, a ruse that works so swimmingly that Coulier then tries to get Haskins to fight Kaelin at a restaurant and hope that photos of the incident can be spun into gold.  By the end of the episode, Coulier and Sweetin’s friendship is strained.

With these kind of players, this could sound a lot like VH1’s old reality show The Surreal Life, with lots of has-beens looking for a questionable outlet to get noticed again.  But this makes fun of that behavior, and it’s scripted, so these former stars looking to get back into the spotlight by making a show about former stars trying to get back into the spotlight is a little more legitimate than your typical “do anything for money” desperation.

Here’s Jodie Sweetin giving a quick plug of the show:

Can’t Get Arrested began its 5-episode run on Monday here, and of course, their YouTube channel.