Hello, everyone, and welcome to another edition of “Fun Video Friday.”  We’ve got some very interesting videos from the week that brought us April Fools Day, but don’t worry, they aren’t all pranks.  For instance, what kind of video is going to get Huey Lewis and “Weird Al” Yankovic in it at the same time?  And we get an honest video from a cable company that isn’t a prank, but just brutally tells us as it is.  And sometimes you just feel like a game of Tetris…a much harder game of Tetris that requires stop-motion animation.

Fun Video Friday, April 5

What’s sure to be a huge hit is upstart Gritty Reboots and their “gritty” trailer for a grown-up Calvin & Hobbes.  The effects are really great and signal to me that we will be following what Gritty Reboots does all year if this is any indication:

What we want out of our cable company is honesty.  Actually, what we’d like is better service and lower costs.  It’s kind of thing that’s leading to cord-cutting in a small way.  Well, this is the First Honest Cable Company (and it has bad language, that’s how honest it is):

Improv Anywhere, the constantly-pranking performance group, decided to play an April Fools joke on New York City again by having everyone walk backwards through Times Square, creating a backwards illusion to those who weren’t in on it:

Magic of Rahat has definitely found his zone of comfort: terrorizing drive-thru employees.  The one where he makes it look like no one is in the car was priceless.  But when he does it headless, that’s extremely frightening (and hilarious):

Canadian airline WestJet has a solution for the problem of noisy kids on an airplane.  Just stick ’em in the cargo area (this is from last year; thanks to Evan Aagaard for pointing that out):

Here’s the new one, where there’s a new pet policy:

In American Psycho, one of the many great, oddball moments in the film is when Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) talks glowingly of Huey Lewis and the News while plotting to kill Paul Allen (Jared Leto), who is casually drinking in Bateman’s apartment, unaware of the danger he’s in.  Bateman puts on “Hip to be Square” before getting an axe.  Well, Huey Lewis also has an axe to grind with “Weird Al” Yankovic, and Funny or Die united the two for an American Psycho parody:

I know one formula for viral success.  Take a popular (especially nostalgic) video game, and try to find a way to make it live action with an incredibly complicated process.  That’s what “Tetris Stop Motion Chalk Art” is all about:

Here’s your dose of whimsy for the day.  5m80, directed by Nicolas Devaux and brought to us through Cube Creative, shows us what giraffes do when we’re not looking:

There’s always something amazing about seeing time-lapse photography when it revolves around our rotating Earth.  Here, Bruce W. Berry, Jr. takes photos from the International Space Station and turns it into something that will get your imagination going:

Bevan Percival brings us time-lapse footage of the landscapes of New Zealand that is remarkably shot, with beautiful composition, and you won’t be able to take your eyes away:

Minute Physics just started a new channel called Minute Earth, and here we get the straight dope on mountains:

ASAP Science decides to jump into the YouTube cat video fray by talking about “The Science of Cats:”

Minute Physics continues their discussion of the universe with “The True Science of Parallel Universes:”

And VSauce has a surprisingly positive look at what could happen to Earth when the sun disappears:

As always, have a great Friday.