I interviewed social media strategist and author of “The NOW Revolution,” Jay Baer, who was one of the featured presenters at the recent Blogworld New Media Expo in Los Angeles. In this video interview I asked Jay how he recommended companies handle the growing expectation for near-immediate responsiveness with business video and other media, while managing to stay out of trouble?

How to Be Prepared to Move in Real-Time

“We have changed the way we look at response time. Clearly, customers have an expectation now around almost immediate responsiveness… they expect you to get back to them within minutes,” says Jay Baer, President of Convince&Convert and author of The NOW Revolution: 7 shifts to make your business faster, smarter, and more social.

“So, keeping this as our reality, you have to be prepared to move in real-time as an organization. But you can only move in real-time safely once you’ve modeled scenarios over what’s NOT alright,” aid Jay.

Have a Strategic Framework for Immediacy

Jay recommended in his book the need for all companies and online professionals today to have in place a strategic framework for immediacy. “You need a framework in place to make it clear to the people within your organization what are the guidelines – what are the things you can and can’t do . “We actually teach scenario modeling… so people have that ‘third rail’ that kind of guides their own behavior,” he said.

First Step: Acknowledge!

“The first think you have to do is acknowledge. You have to say to people, “I hear you.” You have to be responsive quickly with making sure people know you’re aware of something and are working on it, and then you can actually create and publish the video, or whatever other content you have planned,” said Jay.