I know of two movies about bull-riding. One is Urban Cowboy starring John Travolta and the other is 8 Seconds starring Luke Perry.  And despite living in the South for most of my life, I haven’t caught too many of these events live.  I just know by the looks of it, it is something I would never be able to do.  When it comes to bulls, I like to stay on the other side of the fence, or never even approach the fence if I can help it.  Professional Bull Riders is ready to bring their sport to a global audience on YouTube.  Boasting a fan base of over 100 million worldwide, Professional Bull Riders is going to bring live-streamed events to their fans, and that’s pretty awesome.

YouTube Continues To Stockpile Their Live Offerings

YouTube is beginning to look like the old ESPN in the days before they became a mega-colossal network that offered major sports.  And on top of live sports programming (some of it pay-per-view), they have been offering live gaming championships and live concerts.  So it’s not just a single-cam edited programming destination.

Here’s PBR’s 2011 Highlight Reel:

Professional Bull Riders has these live events scheduled, and the promise of more to come:

  • January 6 from Madison Square Garden in NYC
  • April 21 from Des Moines, Iowa
  • April 28 from Uncasville, Connecticut
  • May 5 from Billings, Montana
  • May 18 from Pueblo, Colorado

Check that out.  New Yorkers can catch a bull-riding event in the dead of winter at Madison Square Garden.  And so can everyone else with an Internet connection.  It’s a great world we live in, ain’t it?