Revision3 just announced some new acquisitions for their fall lineup, which reminded me of something that has been a recurring theme for this year: finding success outside of YouTube.  No one argues that YouTube isn’t amazing when it comes to reach, and they are (seemingly) always trying to give creators options for monetization.  But this can be a frustrating thing as YouTube changes a million times a year, and the model for making money can be tricky, and at a trickle.

So if you get the attention of Revision3, a ton of opportunities not before possible come to light, and it’s why big names like Philip DeFranco and Epic Meal Time have signed with them even though they are killing it on YouTube.  With Revision3, the opportunities to go “big time” with advertisers, more reach, and now, with Discovery’s acquisition, access to one of cable’s biggest networks are available to creators now.  We talked to Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback about the new fall slate and about the opportunities these creators have with Revision3.

Revision3’s New Fall Slate: 6 New Shows

Revision3 picked up 6 new shows for their fall slate, starting this month.  They are:

Rated RR

Richard Ryan operates a couple of shows within Rated RR: “The Breakdown,” which goes over the stunts and weapons in video games and movies, and “Tech Assassin,” where he takes weapons and blows the heck out of gadgets.  Here’s one of his more popular vids, where he takes down an iPad with an assault rifle:

Just For Laughs Gags

Like pranks and hidden camera tomfoolery?  Just For Laughs Gags has amassed over 600 million views across 4 programs: Hidden Camera Classics from the 80’s and 90’s, Just Kidding Pranks, where kids prank adults, and French and Spanish language prank channels.  And what’s better than a handful of “sexy” gags?  Here’s a “Best Of” to enjoy:


If you’ve seen a good YouTube remix in the past, there’s a good chance it was done by Melodysheep, aka John D. Boswell.  What he’s best known for right now is that instantly-viral Mr. Rogers remix that he did for PBS:


GoRemy is a comedy channel with an Arabic bent, from Remy Munasifi.  He had a big hit a couple of years ago with “Saudis in Audis:”

Unbox Therapy

Revision3’s bread & butter is in the world of tech.  You best believe that if you want information about the latest gadgets, they have several shows that put these products through the ringer.  Unbox Therapy is another one of those shows.  Here’s Unbox giving tips on the Best Gaming Setup:


GizmoSlip has a unique perspective in the world of tech: see if this gadget can withstand a whole bunch of punishment, and if it does, they give it away to new channel subscribers.  If it doesn’t, the best commenter is chosen as the winner of the new gadget.  Here’s GizmoSlip drop-testing a Samsung Galaxy S3:

Interview with Jim Louderback & The Opportunity for Filmmakers

So let’s talk to Jim Louderback, CEO of Revision3 about these shows, and the opportunities the creators of these shows now have:

ReelSEO: How did you come to select these shows for your fall slate?

Jim Louderback: They offered a unique mix of hosted experts and creative execution that fits our target 18-34 year old audience. Plus they were shows we all really loved watching.

RSEO: What does it mean for a video creator when they sign with Revision3?

Louderback: We’re an exclusive club here of talented and fun creators, and when you become part of it, you get a wide range of tactical and strategic benefits, including production help if needed, collaborations across the Revision3 network, exposure to linear programming execs at Discovery’s 14 US TV networks (see Phil DeFranco hosting Shark Week for an example of how it works), a global sales force working to increase monetization for every view, community and audience development expertise to help grow channels and fanbases, and much more.

RSEO: You’ve gathered a few more tech shows to a tech-heavy lineup, but you also go for a lot of other genres. Is there a balance you try to strike with your lineup, or are you just looking for quality shows in general?

Louderback: We’re mostly looking for stuff that fits our overall vision and that we love watching. We’re always looking for great new shows in the tech, gaming and entertainment verticals, but we’re also looking for any nonfiction video drives enjoyment, entertainment and information.

RSEO: How has the Discovery acquisition changed the game for Revision3’s slate of shows, if at all?

Louderback: It hasn’t at all. We’re still focused on amazing non-fiction shows in the areas we’re passionate about.

RSEO: Revision3 is obviously a big destination for those who are making it on YouTube, but would like to expand their reach beyond YouTube. How important is trying to find an audience and business opportunities outside of YouTube?

Louderback: YouTube is a tremendous place to build audiences, communities and channels.  But there are many other audiences outside of YouTube that we think are also important places to bring our shows and hosts. We really want all of our great shows and great hosts to reach as broad an audience, and build as big a community as possible. It’s an additive, not a replacement strategy.

So there you go.  Revision3 keeps adding to their lineup, and the creators of those shows get exposure they wouldn’t normally get even with YouTube.  It illustrates the importance of not relying solely on YouTube if you get a channel that starts getting some exposure.

We’d like to thank Jim Louderback for his time!  We’d also like to thank Revision3’s Michele Husak for her help with this interview as well!