Pandora, the music provider that takes a band you love and offers several other suggestions to create a unique station, has teamed with Budweiser to bring video of featured artists to an online hub.  It’s called “Pandora Presents” and it launched recently with up-and-coming band Dawes.  Using Pandora’s social feature of “thumbs up” and “thumbs down,” they are able to track where certain bands are gaining a following and they have begun inviting fans to come out and see a special free show in certain locations.  Dawes’ concert occurred in Portland, Oregon, and many other bands will highlight the roster for 2012.

Pandora Presents Brings Extra Video Content To Fans

What’s great is this series will feature every artist that is a part of Pandora’s Live Concert Series will be featured on the hub.  Even better, by using the “thumbs up/thumbs down” data, they are able to provide actual fans with tickets to the concert, and they zeroed in on Portland as being a big Dawes fan base.

The Dawes videos include behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, and a “mix tape” of 100 or so songs selected by the band and Pandora analysts, and can be found here.  This gives a band good exposure and allows fans to get to know new bands that aren’t quite household names as of yet.

I’m only guessing/hoping, but they’ll surely provide live songs over the next year on the hub, and they do give a slight taste of the concert, but not even a full song.  For now, it looks like they want to give the fans something special with a free concert no one else can watch, and then provide extras online, which is still cool.  Obviously, the series has room to grow.